Monday, August 6, 2012

Run, Devil, Run-Denki Utadenwa And Ritsu Namine

I am no longer posting any of denki's videos on niconicodouga.
So here is Ritsu Namine and Denki singing "Run, Devil, Run" By SNSD/Girl's Generation.
And lol at the part where ritsu says "Super Playboy" XD
Denki's like "WHAT U CALL MEH!?"
And the KKCKCKCK sounds you hear (the glitchy sounds) are just problems with the program, not Denki Or Ritsu, I apologize for da glitches.
Since I know that nobody wants it, there's no MP3 Or WAV for the song.
Unless someone requests it, there will be no DL for the song.
Model Credits:
Ritsu Namine: GINJISHI (Edited By TAFIRU-P)
Pose Credits:
title logo and original song owned by S.M.Entertainment


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Denki Utadenwa Ver. 1.0.0 release

Denki Utadenwa's 'Japanese-Only 1.0.0' voicebank is now being released.
Happy release-day, Denki!
Denki was created to be a much-needed deep male voice for UTAU, because no matter how hard i looked, there were some, but not many really really deep voices.
Like, i needed a man with a voice like Kaito's (or even deeper!)
And I expected (since I'm a soprano female >.<|||) his voice to sound like craaaaaaaaap.
But, if you watch the video above, you'll hear that his voice came out way better than i could have dreamed.
So, here you go, the Kaito Shion of UTAUloid! (Well, my version of him, anyway. if you compare kaito and denki's voices, they sound almost the same whens singing together)
(Personally, I think I have an UATU-crush on Denki. Da man iz hot, no?)

Download Link For His Voicebank (His VB is completely in romaji):

Anyway, here's his page on the UTAU wiki:
His official blog:
Please contact me if you questions or anything:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Denki Utadenwa First Album

'Denki Utadenwa Ver. 1.0.0' is a current Work-In-Progress UTAUloid.
His first album is now being released, and his voicebank is soon to follow.
This album features:

Joker (Cover By Denki Utadenwa)
Gee (Cover By Denki Utadenwa)
Bad Apple!! (Denki Utadenwa & Ritsu Namine DUET)
iNSaNiTY (Denki Utadenwa & Nenami CiShuyona DUET)
SPICE! (Cover By Denki Utadenwa)
We Are Pop Candy (Denki Utadenwa & Ritsu Namine DUET)
Hateful Wonderland (Denki Utadenwa & Ritsu Namine DUET)

Download The Album:
Album Title: Electric Boy

(Denki Utadenwa) Voice Provider's Comments: "I expected Denki's voice to he horrible, conisdering that I'm not a man and I DO NOT have a deep voice, but in the end, he became my favorite UTAUloid because of his very interesting voice! Hoping that everyone appreciates him and treats him well!"

Current problems that we are fixing:
Denki's 'i' is glitching, and a new one will need to be recorded.
He has a few syllables that are missing.

It is hoped that Denki's 1.5.0 voicebank will be bilingual.